Term Loans

Your business has needs, from equipment financing to the acquisition of a new business, and we're here so you can meet them head on. Term Loans are designed to meet your business' needs over the long haul. Let's start today.

  • Equipment financing
  • Business acquisitions
  • Secured by the financed assets
Term Loans
  • Operating Lines of Credit

    Pre-approved, there when you need to fund your company's short-term cash flow needs.

    • Cash on hand
    • Only what you need
    • Pre-approved

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  • Real Estate Loans

    Perfect for purchasing a new building for your business, or refinancing an existing building.

    • New building
    • Refinance existing buildings
    • Short and long term

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  • Construction Loans

    No matter where your company is headed, we have flexible options for commercial construction.

    • Expand a business location
    • Use only the funds you need
    • Competitive rates

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  • Small Business Loans

    We can help small and medium sized businesses.

    • Local decisions and processing
    • Short and long term loans
    • Small and medium sized businesses

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  • Leasing

    A great way to keep your equipment up to date and in great condition without restricting cash flow.

    • Keep your equipment new
    • Keep business productive
    • Minimize tax liability

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