Free Kasasa Cash

Kasasa Cash

Free checking is nice, but we think free is how checking should be.

Free checking that pays you? Now that’s something really special. That’s Kasasa Cash®.

Some interest-bearing accounts reserve the better rates for bigger balances. We flipped the script on that. Earn 3.00% APY* on balances up to $10,000! But that’s not all. We’ll pay you refunds on ATM withdrawal fees all across the country*! So stop paying for your money — let us pay you instead.


Free checking that pays high interest

  • 3.00% APY* on balances up to $10,000
  • 0.25% APY on balances over $10,000 depending on balance in account*
  • 0.05% APY* if qualifications aren’t met

Refunds on ATM withdrawal fees, nationwide

Link to free Kasasa Saver® to build savings automatically

No minimum balance to earn rewards

No monthly service fee, even if you don’t meet the monthly qualifications

Free online banking & bill pay

Free eStatements

Free mobile banking with  mobile deposit

Unlimited check writing

$100 minimum deposit to open

No minimum balance requirements 

It’s Easy to Earn Rewards 

To earn your rewards, just do the following transactions and activities in your Kasasa Cash account during each Monthly Qualification Cycle:

  • Have at least one direct deposit or ACH payment transaction post and settle
  • Have at least 12 signature-based debit card purchases post and settle
  • Be enrolled in and agree to receive eStatements

That’s it. Even if you don’t meet your qualifications during the cycle, your Kasasa Cash account is still free. Plus, you’ll still earn our base dividend rate. And you can get right back to earning your full rewards the very next month!

Current Rewards customers wishing to upgrade to Kasasa, please contact your local Banking Center

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*Interest Rates and APY When the KASASA CASH Checking qualifications are not met, the interest rate on your account will be 0.05% and the annual percentage yield will be 0.05%. When the KASASA CASH Checking qualifications are met, the interest rate on your account and corresponding annual percentage yield will be tired. If your daily balance is $10,000.00 or less, the interest rate paid on the entire balance will be 2.96% with an annual percentage yield of 3.00%. An interest rate of 0.249% will be paid only for that portion of your daily balance that is greater than $10,000.01. The annual percentage yield for this tier will range from 3.00% to 0.25% depending on the balance in the account. Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit noncash items (for example, checks). Rates as of 01/03/2017. Qualifications To qualify for “KASASA CASH” rates and receive reimbursements on your ATM fee surcharges, you must perform the following during the monthly qualification cycle: Have at least 12 debit card purchases post and clear Have at least 1 ACH transaction or direct deposit post and clear Receive eStatements Please note that transactions MUST post and clear to your account during the monthly qualification cycle. They may not be in a pending state to qualify as one of the qualifications. Transactions may take one or more banking days from the date the transaction was made to post and clear an account. The following transactions do not count toward account rewards: ATM-processed transactions, transfers between accounts, non-retail transactions, and purchases made with debit cards not issued by our bank. Transactions bundled together by merchants and received by our institution as a single transaction count as a single transaction for the purpose of earning account rewards If you have met your qualifications for the specified qualification cycle, we will reimburse you for all domestic ATM fees. ATM fee reimbursements will be credited to your account on the last day of your statement cycle. When you use an ATM not owned by us, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator or network. You may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a fund transfer or withdrawal. If you meet the monthly qualifications for KASASA CASH Checking, those ATM fees will be reimbursed. If an individual ATM fee is $5.00 or higher, you must contact us for reimbursement within sixty (60) calendar days of the withdrawal transaction, you must also have your receipt. ATM fee reimbursement will be credited to your KASASA CASH Checking account on the last day of the current statement cycle. When KASASA CASH checking qualifications are not met, no ATM fees will be refunded. Monthly Qualification Cycle and Monthly Statement Cycle Explanation “Monthly Qualification Cycle” means a period beginning one banking day prior to the first day of the current statement cycle through one banking day prior to the close of the current statement cycle. Your account will be automatically qualified on that one day prior to the first day of the current statement cycle. What this means for you is if you did not qualify for the higher preferred rate, you might notice a slightly higher than the base rate APY earned on your statement due to the one day (the last day) being calculated with the higher preferred rate. The qualification cycle is the 21st of the month through the 20th of the next month. The qualification cycle may end earlier if the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday. Other Account Information SENB reserves the right to limit the number of accounts to two (2) accounts per social security number. Rates and rewards are variable and may change after account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings. If you choose not to have electronic delivery of eStatements, your account will be converted to SENB Essential after three (3) monthly qualification cycles. Other Contract Terms To receive your monthly statement electronically, the following minimum computer hardware and software requirements must be met: One of the following operating systems: Windows XP, 2000 or Macintosh OSX. A secure session is established by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and a compatible browser, such as; Internet Explorer 7.0, Netscape 7.2, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or Safari 1.2.