Introducing Mobile Wallet

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Q&A Mobile Wallet

Q:     What is mobile wallet?

          A:        Mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device.

Q:     Can I load my SENB Debit Card on to mobile wallet?

          A:        Yes.

Q:     What virtual payment options do we offer?

         A:        We offer Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Q:     If I have a joint account tied to my SENB Debit Card can both owners on the account load the debit card on their individual phones?

         A:        Yes. Each account owner will load their individual debit card on their individual phones.

Q:     Can we load a SENB Business Debit Card on to mobile wallet?

         A:        Yes.

Q:     Will my HSA Debit Card work on mobile wallet?

         A:        No.

Q:     How do I begin to use mobile wallet?

         A:        Based on the type phone you have you are able load your SENB Debit Card through the virtual wallet on your mobile device. There will be instructions on the phone to guide you      through the process as you load your card. If  you do not have a virtual wallet follow the links provided with the icon for your phone.

Q:     Do I need to contact the bank in order begin using mobile wallet? Or to activate my card?

         A:        You do not need to contact the bank. All cards are ready to be loaded. The cards should automatically activate within 1 hour of loading. However, if something does not match in the verification process a customer may be prompted to call the bank to activate.

Q:     Once I load my card how quickly can I begin using mobile wallet?

         A:       Immediately.

Q:     Is there a cost to use this service?

         A:        No. The service is completely free to our customers.

Q:     Where can I use it?

         A:       You may use it anywhere that merchants have it available.

Q:     What if I have questions?

         A:        Customers should contact their banking center or call the bank if they have questions.



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