MyFitnessPal App – Hacked – Read for more information


It’s all over the news!

 A 150 million database with user names and passwords of Under Armour’s super popular MyFitnessPal app has been hacked.

Cyber criminals could use this to scare you into clicking on phishing emails and infect your computer with malware or manipulate you into giving out personal information.  

If you receive an email that claims your personal MyFitnessPal information has been hacked, and that you need to click on links to change your password or open attachments to find out how to protect yourself, be very careful.  Please keep in mind that affected data did not include government-issued identifiers (such as Social Security numbers and drivers license numbers), which the company does not collect from users.  Payment card data was also NOT affected because it is collected and processed separately.  If you receive an email requesting to confirm this information, it is phishing email and should be deleted immediately without clicking on anything inside of it.

Do not click on links, do not open attachments, and if there is a reference to a website with more information, type the web address in your browser.

As always with any security breach, if you have an open MyFitnessPal account, it is recommended for users to change their password.

See below the statement issued by Under Armour