Account Alerts

Your financial security is our top priority. That’s why we offer debit card text alerts and account alerts. See below for details on what we offer and how to get signed up.

Debit Card Text Alerts

Here’s how it works:

 Step 1  Suspicious activity or transaction occurs

 Step 2  Temporary Block will be place on the card

 Step 3  You will be notified immediately (we will promptly lift the block if you tell us it isn’t fraud):

  • Via Text message, if we have a mobile phone on file
  • Via Phone Call, if no mobile phone or no response is received from the text message
  • Via Mail, if all other contact fails

For your safety, the temporary block will stay on the card until we hear from you.

Remember: Always notify the bank of any out-of-state travel prior to leaving home.

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Account Alerts

You can also sign up and customize email and text alerts on your checking, savings, and Certificates of Deposit (CD) accounts. 

Here’s how:

Step 1: Log in to Online Banking

Step 2: Click on “Alerts”

Step 3: Choose the type of account you’d like to receive alerts on

Step 4: Click “Setup New Alert”

Step 5: Customize the types of alerts you want per type of account

Text alerts can be chosen by entering your mobile number in where you would normally enter your email address.

Questions? Call or stop in today!


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