Wealth Management Proven Process

At SENB Wealth Management, our most important job is to know our clients. 

You. Your family, your business, your financial goals, your obstacles.

This begins with a conversation.


We will help you.1. Identify and prioritize your goals. 2. Analyze and evaluate your assets. 3. Strategize and develop a plan. 4. Activate and implement your plan. 5. Monitor and adjust your success.

Our financial professionals approach things a bit differently. We believe in communication, guidance and flexibility to help all of our clients succeed.


Ongoing and thoughtful communication between you and your SENB financial professional is the foundation of a lasting relationship. Once we understand where you want to go, we work alongside you to help decide the best path to get you there.

Our Promise to You:

When you partner with SENB Wealth Management, our financial professionals will stay in touch with you on a regular basis, based on your contact preferences, i.e. in-person consultations, telephone, e-mail, on a timeline that fits best into your busy schedule as you decide (monthly, quarterly and/or annually as you feel best fits your needs).


Your success – however you define it – is our goal. SENB will assess your individual financial situation and provide a concrete action plan, with directed wealth management advice targeted towards your individual circumstances. We do not believe “one-size-fits-all.”

Our Promise to You:

Together, we will provide you with clear, actionable steps to meet your financial goals, for this month, this quarter, and this year.


As a SENB Wealth Management client, you will benefit from our experience and knowledge. Planning of every type, but especially financial, must be flexible and adaptable to take into account market changes and corrections and the local, national and international business climate.

Our Promise to You:

We continuously review your objectives and progress, in light of current economic trends, to confirm that you are receiving optimal results. As life and the world changes, we can and will adapt with you.


SENB Wealth Management Solutions

SENB Wealth Management exists for our clients. We are here because of you. No matter what life holds for you – planned or unplanned – we are here to help you meet all of your financial goals.  

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PLEASE NOTE: Investment products provided by SENB Wealth Management are not FDIC insured are not obligations of, deposits of, or guaranteed by any financial institution involve investment risk, including the possible loss of principal amount invested, are not insured by any federal government agency.

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