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Your Financial Goals, Our Fiduciary Standard


With Southeast National Bank Wealth Management there are no hidden agendas or hidden fees—just absolute transparency. Contact us to learn more about our client-focused approach or to schedule a complimentary financial review.

The SENB Partnership
Defined Objectives, Desired Outcomes
Some of the most important things in life require a helping hand – someone to help ensure things unfold as you wish, during your lifetime and beyond. Whether that means assisting with plans for retirement, securing your family’s future, or advising on asset management, we can help.
Our professional Wealth Management team will work with you – much like your legal and accounting resources. We work hand in hand every day with people just like you. We specialize in liberating clients from the day to day burden of having to deal with all that goes into wealth planning. We empower them to pursue and attain their financial goals so that they have more time, confidence, and peace of mind to do what they are passionate about.
Individuals / Families/ Business:
Financial Planning Services

We work hard to understand where you have been, where you are and where you want to go.

We take the time to educate you so that you understand the multitude of ways available to secure and grow your investments. We welcome questions and concerns, as well as ideas from our clients. The more we know about you, the more we can spot opportunities for growth and return.

We understand the importance of controlling and managing risk, as well as the appropriateness of using certain tax strategies. Our financial professionals are attuned to the tax consequences of investment vehicles and have developed solid strategies for managing these concerns.

Financial planning is more than just return on investment. A strong financial plan will also provide peace of mind and adaptability to change as your life changes.

At Southeast National Bank Wealth Management, you don’t need to know the latest financial trends or IRS lingo. You just need to know what you want out of your life and how you define success. We will then work alongside you to develop a plan that works best to achieve it.

Southeast National Bank’s financial planning services include:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning 
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Financial Solutions for Caregivers



Individuals / Families / Business:

Fiduciary Services  

Southeast National Bank’s trust and administration services are here for you during life and will be here for your loved ones after your passing.

Southeast National Bank provides a full array of corporate trustee and executor services. Our financial professionals have extensive experience serving as sole fiduciary or as a co-trustee with a family member or trusted friend. Oftentimes, with complex family structures, a corporate trustee like Southeast National Bank is best suited to objectively manage difficult family situations.

Southeast National Bank’s fiduciary services include:

  • Trust Administration
  • Estate Administration
  • Guardianship / Conservatorship Appointments
  • Custody Services
  • Charitable Trust Arrangements
  • Foundation and Endowment Management 


Individuals / Families:

Investment Management Services

Review, Analyze, Implement, and Communicate

Our financial professionals are held to the highest industry standard,  serving as fiduciaries; we have a duty to act in our client’s best interests for all financial and investment decisions, beginning with our initial review, financial recommendations, and implementation.

After our initial portfolio review, we analyze your individual financial situation. Based on our years of experience, analytical tools, knowledge and extensive research, we only make those recommendations in your best interests, to help you successfully attain your financial goals.

We assist in the implementation of our recommendations throughout the process. And we communicate regularly. As life changes, we are here to assist and adapt your financial plan as needed.

Southeast National Bank’s investment management services include:

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Discovering Hidden Fees
  • Risk, Return Analysis
  • Evaluate Possible Investment Overlap
  • Tax Optimization
  • Diversification




Institutional Asset Management Services

Services for Organizations, Foundations, Associations, and Non-Profits 


Southeast National Bank works with for-profit, not-for-profit and religious organizations and charities, trade and professional associations, corporations, municipalities, foundations, endowments, community groups, service organizations, schools and universities, and trust accounts.

Regardless of portfolio size, we can provide expert advice on asset management, endowments, and income stream management.

As your investment advisor, we offer your organization complete financial stewardship, including ongoing investment advice, full-service implementation, and ongoing management.

We are committed to upholding the fiduciary standard of care required of our financial professionals. The best interests of the organizations we serve are the guiding principle, throughout our partnership.


Retirement Plan Services 

Choosing and implementing an individual retirement program can be confusing and time-consuming. Trust Services of SENB Wealth Management has the experience and resources to assist you every step of the way.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
An IRA allows individuals to defer taxes on savings until time of distribution. Income tax deductions may be allowed for contributions based on individual circumstances.

Individual Retirement Account (Roth IRA)
While a Roth IRA has no current tax deduction, earnings and distributions from a Roth IRA are generally tax-free.

Generally, a rollover is a tax-free distribution made to you consisting of cash or other assets from one retirement plan that you contribute to another retirement plan. The requirements for IRA rollovers can be daunting for individuals. Trust Services will assist you and provide the attention to detail your accounts deserve.

Corporate Retirement Accounts

In the current economy, 401(k) plans have become one of the most important retirement savings vehicles for most Americans. Employers want to provide low-cost, well-managed options for themselves and their employees, with low fees, suitable investment choices and solid advice. Does your 401(k) plan do this? If not, please call one of our financial professionals today for a no-fee retirement plan analysis.

Southeast National Bank Retirement Plan Services enable companies to deliver value and benefit to their employees – helping your employees achieve their retirement goals – while reducing costs and lost time for our businesses. 

Southeast National Bank offers the following plans:

  • Pre-Tax / Roth 401(K) plans
  • Safe Harbor 401(K) plans  
  • 403(B) plans
  • 457 plans
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • ESOPs
  • Non-qualified Plans



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PLEASE NOTE: Investment products provided by Southeast National Bank – Wealth Management are not FDIC insured are not obligations of, deposits of, or guaranteed by any financial institution involve investment risk, including the possible loss of principal amount invested, are not insured by any federal government agency.